Staff Nurse


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Staff nurse exams preparation

Covered Subjects and modules in Staff Nurse

  • Adult Health
  • Child Health
  • Critical Care
  • Fundamentals Of Nursing
  • Leadership And Management
  • Maternal & Newborn Health
  • Mental Health
  • Pharmacology
  • Drug Calculations

Adult Health

CardiovascularEndocrineGastrointestinal/ Nutrition
Hematological/ OncologicalImmuneInfectious Disease
ReproductiveRespiratoryUrinary/ Renal
Visual/ Auditory

Child Health

CardiovascularEndocrineGastrointestinal / Nutrition
Growth & DevelopmentHematological / OncologicalInfectious Disease
RespiratoryUrinary / RenalVisual / Auditory

Critical Care

Critical Care Concepts

Fundamentals Of Nursing

Basic Care & ComfortFluid, Electrolyte, Acid Base BalanceMedication Administration
Safety / Infection ControlSkills / Procedures

Leadership And Management

Assignment / Delegation Ethical /legalManagement Concepts

Maternal & Newborn Health

AntepartumLabor / DeliveryNewborn

Mental Health

Mental Health Concepts


CardiovascularEndocrineGastrointestinal / Nutrition
Hematological / OncologicalImmune SystemInfectious Disease
MusculoskeletalNeurologicPsychiatric Medications
Reproductive/ Maternity / NewbornRespiratoryUrinary / Renal
Visual / Auditory

Drug Calculations

Drug Calculations

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