JEE Mains 2023


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Covered Subjects and modules in JEE Mains 2023

  • Physics
  • Maths
  • Chemistry


ElectrostaticsCurrent ElectricityMagnetic Effect Of Current
Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating CurrentElectromagnetic WavesWave Optics
Dual Nature Of Matter And RadiationsAtomic NucleusSolids And Semiconductor Devices
Principles Of CommunicationsUnits And DimensionsOscillations
WavesMotion In A Straight LineMotion In A Plane
Laws Of MotionWork, Energy And PowerSystem Of Particles And Rotational Motion
GravitationMechanics Of Solids And FluidsHeat And Thermodynamics
MagnetismRay Optics


Sets Relations And FunctionsCartesian System Of Rectangular Co OrdinatesLines And Family Of Lines
Circles And Family Of CirclesConic SectionsStatistics
Functions Limits And ContinuityComplex NumbersQuadratic Equations
Sequences And SeriesLinear In-equationsMathematical Logic And Boolean Algebra
VectorsThree Dimensional GeometryDifferentiation
Application Of DerivativesIndefinite IntegralsDefinite Integrals
Differential EquationsDeterminantsInverse Trigonometric Functions
Permutations And CombinationsBinomial TheoremMathematical Induction
Hyperbolic FunctionsLinear ProgrammingProbability
Heights And DistancesTrigonometric FunctionsMatrices


Some Basic Concepts Of ChemistryBonding And Molecular StructureStates Of Matter
S-block ElementsP-block Elements (group15-18)D-block And F-block Elements
ThermodynamicsRedox ReactionsChemical Kinetics
Surface ChemistryCoordination CompoundsBasic Principles, Purification And Characterization Of Organic Compounds
Environmental ChemistryAminesAlcohols, Phenols And Ethers
BiomoleculesClassification Of Elements And Periodicity In PropertiesChemistry In Everyday Life
ElectrochemistryGeneral Principles And Processes Of Isolations Of ElementsHaloalkanes And Arenes
HydrogenStructure Of AtomAldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids
Kinetic Theory Of GasesGaseous StateChemical Equilibrium
Ionic EquilibriumChemical AnalysisSolutions
Solid StateP-block Elements( Group 13-14)General Organic Chemistry

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