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Covered Subjects and modules in NEET Premium 2023

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology


ElectrostaticsCurrent ElectricityMagnetic Effect Of Current
Electromagnetic Induction And Alternating CurrentElectromagnetic WavesWave Optics
Dual Nature Of Matter And RadiationsAtomic NucleusSolids And Semiconductor Devices
Principles Of CommunicationsUnits And DimensionsOscillations
WavesMotion In A Straight LineMotion In A Plane
Laws Of MotionWork, Energy And PowerSystem Of Particles And Rigid Body Rotation
GravitationMechanics Of Solids And FluidsHeat And Thermodynamics
MagnetismRay Optics


Basic Concepts Of ChemistryBonding And Molecular StructureStates Of Matter
S-block ElementsP-block Elements(group15-18)D-block And F-block Elements
ThermodynamicsHaloalkanes And ArenesCoordination Of Compounds
Redox ReactionsChemical KineticsSurface Chemistry
Coordination CompoundsBasic Principles, Purification And Characterization Of Organic CompoundsHydrocarbons
StereochemistryPolymersEnvironmental Chemistry
Classification Of Elements And Periodicity In PropertiesHydrogenStructure Of Atom
ElectrochemistryGeneral Principles And Processes Of Isolations Of ElementsBiomolecules
AminesAlcohols, Phenols And EthersAldehydes, Ketones And Carboxylic Acids
Chemistry In Everyday LifeKinetic Theory Of GasesGaseous State
Chemical EquilibriumIonic EquilibriumChemical Analysis
SolutionsSolid StateP-block Elements(group 13-14)
General Organic Chemistry


The Living WorldBiological ClassificationPlant Kingdom
Animal KingdomMorphology Of Flowering PlantsAnatomy Of Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation In AnimalsCell: The Unit Of LifeBiomolecules
Cell Cycle And Cell DivisionTransport In PlantsMineral Nutrition
Photosynthesis In Higher PlantsRespiration In PlantsPlant Growth And Development
Digestion And AbsorptionBreathing And Exchange Of GasesBody Fluids And Circulation
Excretory Products And Their EliminationLocomotion And MovementNeural Control And Coordination
Chemical Coordination And IntegrationReproduction In OrganismsSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
Human ReproductionReproductive HealthPrinciples Of Inheritance And Variation
Molecular Basis Of InheritanceEvolutionHuman Health And Diseases
Strategies For Enhancement In Food ProductionMicrobes In Human WelfareBiotechnology: Principles And Processes
Biotechnology And Its ApplicationsOrganisms And PopulationsEcosystem
Biodiversity And Its ConservationEnvironmental Issues

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