Class VIII


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Covered Subjects and modules in Class VIII

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Social Science


Rational NumbersAlgebraic Expressions And IdentityPractical Geometry
Direct And Inverse PropotionsLinear Equation In 1 VariablesComparing Quantities
Introduction To GraphsUnderstanding QuadrilateralsData Handling
Squares And Square RootsMensurationCubes And Cube Roots
Playing With NumbersVisualising ShapesPowers And Exponents


Cell Structure And FunctionChemical Effects Of CurrentCoal And Petroleum
Force And PressureFrictionConservation Of Plants And Animals
Crop Production And ManagementMicroorganisms Friend And FoeSynthetic Fibres And Plastics
Materials Metals And Non MetalsCombustion And FlameReproduction In Animals
Reaching The Age Of AdolescenceSoundSome Natural Phenomena
LightStars And The Solar SystemPollution Of Air And Water

Social Science

History How When And WhereHistory The Company Establishes PowerHistory Ruling The Countryside
History Tribals Dikus And Golden AgeHistory When People Rebel 1857 And AfterHistory Colonialism And The City
History Weavers Iron Smelters And Factory OwnersHistory Civilising The Native Educating The NationHistory Women Caste And Reform
History The Changing World Of Visual ArtsHistory National Movement From 1870 To 1947History India After Independence
Geography ResourcesGeography Natural And Wildlife ResourcesGeography Mineral And Power Resources
Geography AgricultureGeography IndustriesGeography Human Resources
Civics The Indian Constitution And SecularismCivics Parliament And The Making Of LawsCivics The Judiciary
Civics Social Justice And The MarginalisedCivics Economic Presence Of The Government

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