The Do It Later Technique

Have you ever noticed how difficult it is, sometimes, to concentrate on your studies?

No matter how hard you try to focus, your mind just wanders away. It happens to everybody!
When you study like this, you actually learn very little. The efficiency is extremely low.

The "Do It Later" technique

Whenever something distracts you from your current study or work, write it into a list.
It?s called the DO IT LATER list.

1. When you sit down to study, keep a small diary or notebook with you.
2. Every time something pops into your mind, that?s not related to what you?re currently studying, write it down in the notebook.
          This tells your brain that you will finish the task ? but at a later time. It?s like making a promise you will not forget.This simple step of writing it down makes your brain confident that you will take care of whatever distraction it was throwing at you.
3. After your study session is over, look at your DIL list. It may contain several items depending on how distracted you were.
4. Deliver on the promise you made to your brain. Pick the task you feel the most important item in your DIL list.
          You may realize that some of the tasks are really unnecessary. They would have distracted you, but since you wrote them down using the DIL technique, your mind became free.
5. Once you select the most important task, go ahead and finish it.
6. Then follow with the others in the order of importance.

Try the DIL technique for at least three days. It will help you study with better focus, and have a more effective preparation.

All the best!