Do's and Don'ts of JEE preparation.

You have to take out 55 hours every week and for this you need to sacrifice some of your time sucking activities.

* Don't socialize too much:-Avoid too much talking on phone with your friends.
Not more than 30 minutes every day.
Don?t get into arguments with parents and brothers/sisters because it will only waste your time and energy.
Don't spend long hours on TV, Internet and playing games.
* Keep yourself away from family discussions.
Be selfish to focus on your career.
Cut down on TV.
Use the internet to study rather than waste time on it.

* Reduce outdoor sports:-Those who are playing physical games a lot should reduce them.These games are very tiring.
If you are physically tired, you would not be able to concentrate on studies.?
* A walk or some light exercise in the morning and evening should be sufficient to keep you fit and healthy.

* Don't study late into the night:-Those who study late nights, sleep whole day. This is a bad schedule.
If you don?t sleep well in the night, you will feel sleepy in school and in your coaching classes.
If body is tired, mind cannot function properly.
* So best is you should sleep for 7 hours any time between 10 PM to 9 AM.

* Balance boards and entrance exam preparations:- A lot of subjects/topics taught in school will not be useful for entrance exams.
However, you need to study them for your board exams.
A balance between boards and entrance exam preparation is very essential.