Is it possile to crack NEET without coaching?

A lot of students have this question on their mind during NEET preparation.

The answer to this question is subjective and may vary from person to person.

Most of the parents prefer enrolling their children for an expensive coaching classes so that they can clear this highly competitive medical entrance exam.
Always remember, the capability of a coaching class can?t be counted in terms of money; rather it can be measured in terms of its quality of teaching.

  • Regularity

          Clearing NEET is in your hand; no coaching class and no preparation material can help you qualify the exam if you don?t put in your 100%.
          Daily preparation and practice are essential if you are planning to rely only on self-study for NEET.
    Conceptual clarity is important for solving the sample paper/mock test correctly.
          The last month before the exam should be reserved for revision and focusing on important & scoring topics to crack NEET.

  • Good study material

          Selecting the right study material for NEET is very important! You can consult NEET toppers and see which book they referred to. You can read NEET topper interviews and try to get an idea about their preparation style through that.
          You should prepare study notes for NEET, solve previous year question papers and take mock tests to improve your speed and accuracy.

  • Online Assessment

          To know where you stand among other aspirants, take online mocks for NEET!
          You should not limit on the number of tests; take as many as you can. Initially start with chapter based and gradually move to full length tests. You can do this by subscribing to any online assessment platform for NEET. But make sure you practice regularly.

  • Relax

    In coaching class you don?t get the freedom to study as per your convenience and capability. This leads to a mental block.
    However, self-study provides you that opportunity and keeps you away from needless competition, which is the main source of stress.

    In self-study you can study as per your time table, and take breaks as per your need.

    You should:
    i.   Maintain balance between study and paper solving
    ii.  Prepare study/revision notes and follow it regularly
    iii. Do your favorite activities during study break to stay stress free

Cracking NEET depends on the student and his/her ability.
If you go with the record of toppers, most of them have preferred self-study over classes,
and the result is in front of us.