Will CBSE Class X have two versions?

CBSE Class X? 2019 likely to have two sets of Mathematics paper

Many students who prepare for the Class X board exams aim at higher studies to pursue Mathematics for getting either into Engineering,Medicine or other Science related Courses? . But for the students who are not intrested to pursue maths for higher education find it difficult to write the tough version if the paper. So here is a good news for these kind of students . CBSE is thinking of having two versions of paper for such students

Though no clear statements are coming from the board officials, but as per the reports from a few resources, the subject expert committee is examining the proposal and is working out how the two different levels could be created. Creating two versions would not only mean two different papers for the students, but a different curriculum would also need to be followed.?

If the proposal on two Maths papers comes in effect then students who want to take up engineering and sit for the Join Entrance Examinations (JEE) will be able to study the higher level of Mathematics during their high school education. On the other hand, students who aspire to study medicine will have the choice of studying the subject at the easier level.